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For our guests. Terms and conditions of use of the REGULAR COSTUMER CARD are described in its terms of use. We are happy to inform you that on May 25 2015 hotel crocus**** has introduced THE REGULAR COSTUMER CARD. The cardholder is entitled to a discount for accommodation, food&beverage, treatments and massages in Wellness&Spa TERMS AND DONDITIONS OF PARTICIPATION IN THE HOTEL CROCUS ZAKOPANE LOYALTY PROGRAM. I General terms. The present terms of use describe the terms of participation in the loyalty program of the hotel CROCUS zakopane, named later "program". The program organizer is "NOTOWKA" LTD. located in zakopane { postal code 34-500] Chalubinskiego st. 40, placed in the entrepreneurs register ran by the regional court for midtown Krakow, XII economic department with the number KRS 0000143158, NIP:736-000-59-19. II Conditions of participation in the program: The program is addressed to individual costumers - adult private individuals including foreigners who 1. Have: stayed for at least two nights during their first stay in hotel crocus. Filled in , signed and submitted at the reception declaration of participation in the program, called later "The Declaration", that contains, among others, the statement of permission of Program Participant personal data processing, which might be required for corresponding purposes, connected with implementation of the Program, or for marketing purposes. Confirmation of the costumer's participation in the Program is the Regular Costumer Card, called later "The Card". The Card will be issued to the Program participant free of charge within 21 day from the Declaration submission date. The Card should be collected by the Program Participant personally in the Hotel reception during the subsequent custom. The hotel card is a personal card and can be used by the Program participant only- the individual the Card was issued to. The restaurant card is not personal and can be used by anyone who produces it. The card is not a credit card or a debit card, cannot be used to pay for hotel products and services. III Terms of the Program: - 10% for the hotel services- 10% for the restaurant and bar. - 10% for spa treatments. -. 15% on shopping- the new collection in the "Danza Dimensione"shop located in Zakopane, Krupowki 29, in the shopping mall as well as in the shop located in the hotel. Discounts apply if you make a phone or online booking in the hotel reception. Discounts do not apply in case of booking via marketing pages {, HRS, Expedia, ets.}, or while booking online. When making a booking the Program participant should inform the reception of being a cardholder. A condition of getting a discount is informing the reception of being a cardholder not later than at arrival during the check in, before your stay. Prior to every use of the restaurant/ bar/ spa, you should inform the personnel of being a cardholder. Not completing these procedures by the program participant would disable him to benefit of the privileges he is entitled to. Discounts, promotions, as well as benefits the program participant is entitled to do not combine with promotions and special offers issued by the hotel on a regular or temporary basis and addressed to all customers. In this case the program user can chose the most attractive discount option. IV. Personal data processing When starting in the Program the costumer gives his consent for placing his personal data in the hotel’s database. That data would be stored and processed exclusively for purposes of proper program endorsement, making future reservations easier, as well as in marketing purposes {in accordance with the legislation of the august 29 1997 on personal data protection}. The program participants are entitled to revise and update their personal details or to demand them being removed. V. Final arrangements In cases not regulated by these terms of use the Program organizer is the decisive authority. The program organizer is entitled to partial or complete suspension of the privileges the program user is entitled to, or to Card being recalled in case: The program user does not comply to the general rules of hotel residence compatible with good customs, or hotel personnel recommendations, aimed to ensure them, or breaches the legislations of the terms and conditions herein. Details disclosed in the Declaration by the program participant are untrue. In case the Card is lost, or the personal details stated in the declaration are changed, the costumer has to inform the program organizer immediately. By phone 18 20 26 500 By fax 18 20 26 502 By mail [email protected] Or to the reception The program organizer reserves the right to change the terms and conditions mentioned above without giving the reason, and promises to inform the program participants of all the changes by means of the web-page, or by means of personal corresponding. The program organizer reserves the right to end the program keeping a three-month period, when the program participant can use the program three months after it has ended. In cases not regulated by the terms and conditions above, code of civil procedure is to be applied. The program parties are committed to aim for a settlement of eventual disputes, that could arise in connection with the accomplishment of the program, by means of negotiation, and in case the settlement is not achieved in a 30-day period since the dispute arisen, the right thing to do, to achieve the settlement would be to address the law court appropriately located for the program organizer headquarters. The actual program is placed on the webpage The terms and conditions stated above are in effect since May 29 2015 ] ]

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